The captivating nonsense


Have you ever asked why you feel captivated by images? There are certain images which hypnotise you, you cannot resist them, they tend to have some power over you. And in general there is no sense, or logic in these images. I will give you an example bellow.

Artist Stefan Caltia
Artist Stefan Caltia

You are looking at the nonsense and you know it is a nonsense, still the image is adressing to another part of you and it is adressing vigorously. It is not just saying “Hello!” or “How are you?”. It is rather a sort of ‘Wake up, arent’ you forgeting something?”

If someone will ask me to prove I have a soul, I will paint or draw something.

It is the same logic, the logic of images coming from primordial, from before the civilised man exists. It is not only my intuition. Other brighter people spent their entire lives to fight back the modern people’s loss of soul. If you are looking at concepts like symbol in the analitical psychology, inner images of the older civilizations or older religions, and the list could continue, you will find reasoning and the nonsense will become insight. I am not a fan of long postings, I am leaving you with the suspended answer to the question “Aren’t you forgeting something?”.

Daily Post

This posting was a response to the captivating prompt.

Artist Stefan Caltia

Artist Stefan Caltia


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